This is officially the first post on the Abe’s Server website! Expect interesting projects, blog-style posts and promotions with all sorts of cool deals on cloud computing, tech products and more.

I’m aiming to make this website a comfortable location for any-and-everyone. I’ve not only uploaded this site as a place where I can share my inspiration, projects and ideas, but for anyone else that would like to post their electronics, IT, programming, or other projects for personal validation, commercial purposes or just to check in with the community!

At this point the website is barely minimal so don’t expect decent functionality for a while. But until then, start documenting your projects and ideas; get hyped!

All the best,



Admin of Abe's Server!

I love projects inspired by the ever-turning cogs in my brain. I know other people do too, so I decided to make a website dedicated to harbouring a community for anyone to contribute.


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